Tuleeni Orphan’s Home Update

by Marissa Achong

Thanks to the generous support of the DVMS community over the past 6 years, the Tuleeni Orphan’s Home in Tanzania has grown to provide a loving home and education to more than 80 children. Many of our families have contributed their time and resources to assist the children at Tuleeni, but it is our students who have time and again concocted their own fund-raising schemes, from birthday gift donations and jewelry sales, to art shows and gingerbread house raffles.

2013-05-04 15.02.26During our farewell Family Games Day this June, our enterprising and charitable students raised nearly $300.00 for the Tuleeni Orphan’s Home, as well as an additional $150.00 for the Jane Goodall Institute. The baked goods were delicious (the chocolate bananas sold out fast!), the lemonade sweet, and the face-painting…funny. But the compassion our children show for others, that is simply inspiring.

You too can donate to Tuleeni by visiting http://buildtuleeniahome.org/. We encourage you to explore their website and learn more about the fantastic work they do caring for children and helping them attain primary and secondary education.

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