Historic Montessori Collaboration Launches Multiple Research Projects

At DVMS, we are motivated to help a similar movement thrive in Canada. Congratulations and thank you to all those involved with the MLC.

The Montessori Observer

Montessorians have not always got along all that well.

100 years ago the Montessori movement was a worldwide phenomenon led by a charismatic founder, Maria Montessori, who kept tight control over authenticity and implementation.  Like many such movements, it splintered even while its leader was alive, and factionalized further after her death.

In the United States, home to by far the largest Montessori community in the world, the factions are the most extreme. AMSAMI-USA the Montessori Foundation, MEPI, PAMS, and other smaller organizations train teachers, support schools, and promote competing versions of Montessori’s work. There’s been bad blood between AMS and AMI-USA in particular for decades, dating back to a rupture with Mario Montessori and AMI—although quiet collaborations have taken place over the years as well.

In the last few years, three grant makers from significant education-oriented foundations, who happened to have eight children in Montessori schools among…

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