Casa East This Week: April 14-18 2014

CE WkApr14 2014 4

After finishing the Snake Game, her own exploration resulted in this equilateral triangle being created. An amazing moment!

Welcome to the first venture into our new weekly updates for each Montessori environment at DVMS. As we noted in our April Parent Newsletter, we will be sharing glimpses into each environment and letting you know of important news for each room through these postings. You will still receive the monthly Parent Newsletter on the first of each month, but it will contain only school-wide event and information details.

Our hope is that this new format will reduce the amount of information in the monthly newsletter to make it easier to digest, while also providing more regular and more detailed looks into each Montessori environment at DVMS. We recommend you bookmark this page so you can easily check in whenever you like.

Some exciting work in Casa East this week. The Golden Bead material allowed two girls count all the way to 1000 for the first time, while also being able to see a visual representation of the chain divided into segments of 10. So proud of themselves.

CE WkApr14 2014 1

So yeah, we counted to a thousand.

Once the 1000-chain is completed, students can continue explorating numeracy using all of the golden bead materials. The materials work to give the children physical representations of the quantities represented by, and the relationships between, numbers.

CE WkApr14 2014 2

Once you’ve counted to 1000, it’s time to work with Stef exploring the materiality of numeracy.

In the picture above, the children are working with Casa East assistant Stef, soon-to-graduate from the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute Montessori Casa program who came to DVMS to do her teaching practicum. Below, we have current student-teacher Jaclyn learning all about the Montessori map materials from a third-year Casa boy. Notice how working on the floor, instead of at desks, allows the children space to spread out, arrange their work in a way that works for them, and to work comfortably and socially.

CE WkApr14 2014 3

Giving student-teacher Jaclyn a presentation on the map materials.

The moment in the photo at  the top of the page was a great moment for Elizabeth. “I’ve been teaching in Montessori for a long time,”said Elizabeth, “and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a child do this with that material. Children’s creativity continues to amaze me.”

Remember, there is no school Friday, April 18, and Monday, April 21, due to Easter.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please plan to attend our Tuesday, April 22, event featuring Dr. Jean Clinton. Click here for details and to register.

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