Upper West This Week: April 21-25 2014

UEW WkApr21 2014 3

Remember how we sat in those little desks with the hard wooden chairs attached…

Upper West is putting the finishing touches on novel study work this week, and preparing for our upcoming science fair. We had some presentations on the scientific method and devised a schedule for all the steps we will take to complete our experiments, from determining a subject to devising a hypothesis, making a materials list, outlining the procedure, recording our observations, and presenting our findings. Each student has been given a breakdown of due dates and what is to be done where. 

UEW WkApr21 2014 1

Getting ready for the science fair with some warm up experiments.

Please be prepared to help out gathering materials and to have your kitchen/garage/patio become a temporary lab (this is a good time to review all of that Practical Life, cleaning up a spill work they did in Casa). The science fair itself will take place on May 23, starting at 8:45 a.m., when their presentation boards will be on display to exhibit what they did and what they learned.

UEW WkApr21 2014 2

Sentence analysis work continues throughout the Montessori elementary years, becoming ever more complex.

It’s not all about the science fair, though. The girls above are continuing with sentence analysis work using the grammar symbols they have been working with since Casa, in some cases. Repetition is a key facet of Montessori education, and is one of the best ways to learn in general, and as skills develop the work can become increasingly more complex and sophisticated, maintaining an appropriate degree of challenge without overwhelming the student.


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