Casa East This Week: April 21-25 2014

CE WkApr21 2014 1

This week we showed student-teacher Jaclyn how to use the Teen Boards material.

Today is our Montessori student-teacher Jaclyn’s last day with us. We will miss her greatly, but we are sending her on her way having taught her all we can about Montessori materials and learning in a real Montessori environment. Above, Jaclyn is helping a student work with the Teen Boards. You can see that as the student slides each number into the relevant slot they have a visual representation of how the teen numbers are constructed: ten plus an additional amount of single-digit units (where before there were zero single-digit units). 

CE WkApr21 2014 2

A little painting is a nice way to brighten up the morning (and learn some fine motor control).

When it comes to working with numbers and letters, having the fine motor control necessary to properly draw their shapes is very important. Activities such as painting help develop this control. Not only does the child need control to create the images they want, they also need it to select the different paint colours and to wash the brush off in between. Note the focus.

CE WkApr21 2014 3

Working at the material developed by Stef to encourage independent activity.

Speaking of painting and student-teachers. Above is a Casa East girl working on a job that our assistant Stef created as part of her Montessori training. Stef was tasked with creating an activity that encouraged children to work independently. The child here is following the visual instructions to recreate the actions with only the help of a fellow student and a guinea pig.

CE WkApr21 2014 5

Learning parts of the body in French from the Strata Montessori students.

Our week was capped off with yet more students teaching, as the adolescents from Strata Montessori visited to continue teaching French to the Casa’s. These days they are working on parts of the body.

Casa East also enjoyed the Earth Day songs performed for us by the Lower Elementary students this week, started planting our classroom garden with the Upper Elementary kids, and this afternoon we will be heading out on a neighbourhood hike and garbage clean-up.

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