Casa North This Week: April 21-25 2014

CN WkApr21 2014 1

The boy sitting is showing Dylan and some friends the new extension activity he invented: Tracing and Labeling the Square Bead Chains.

Creativity is both highly encouraged at DVMS, and a noted outcome of Montessori education. Above, a Casa North boy is demonstrating his own creative extension of the Square Bead Chain material. He devised an activity wherein each individual chain segment is drawn and then labeled. Creative extensions like this allow the child to continue their explorations of numeracy, and because it comes from the child results in a greater level of interest and engagement. 

CN WkApr21 2014 2

Exploring the keyboard in the Sensorial Area of the environment.

Music is a big part of Casa North, and the children have a variety of opportunities to explore their musical interests in the Sensorial area of the environment. Learning about and developing their senses at a young age is part of Montessori’s commitment to educating the whole child. The young musician above is a great music lover (the haircut is Monkees inspired, and his Michael Jackson moves are truly impressive), so here he gets to immerse himself in what he loves while learning to fine tune his ear for sound.

CN WkApr21 2014 3

Casa North boys in their recess fort.

Young boys interests also lie in fort building. The group above spent some recess time this week constructing their’s amidst the log pile on the playground. They found a good vee-shape where two logs meet and got to work constructing a roof out of branches and leaves. Socializing, exercising, and learning about building solid structures in a hands-on, material way that will make future early human history presentations more tangible.

CN WkApr21 2014 4

Describing the new fish her family donated to Casa North.

Finally, Casa North got some new fish this week. They were donated by one of our families — Thank you — and we were treated to wonderfully animated introduction to the different fish and how to identify them by their fins.

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