Casa South This Week: April 21-25 2014

CS WkApr21 2014 1

Pat helping a young boy master addition using the Stamp Game material.

The Stamp Game is a material used to visualize the four mathematics operations. Each column represents a decimal system progression, from single units to tens, hundreds, and thousands. Once ten is reached in a column, it shifts to the next, allowing children to see the movement of and relationships between numbers, and it assists helping them make the move into a more abstract knowledge and understanding of math. 

CS WkApr21 2014 2

Chatting around the fish tank to start the day.

Before the math work starts, though, children in Montessori Casa have the opportunity to socialize as well. Folks may gather around the water cooler in the office, in Casa South it’s the fish tank. It’s always nice to catch up and re-establish relationships while getting ready to start the day.

Perhaps they are reminiscing about our hike and picnic we enjoyed on Earth Day, which also included a bit of clean-up along the creek banks.

CS WkApr21 2014 3

“If you screw up, just stop. OK?”

Numbers are definitely a big deal in Casa South lately. The sheets the children are working with are for writing numbers to one hundred. At this point in the school year, a lot of them have mastered this and are now challenging themselves to go to two and three hundred. In the picture above, the young girl is giving some advice to the boy from her experience with the new challenge — if you make a mistake while counting, and keep counting from the mistake, there’s a lot more correcting to do.

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