Casa North This Week: April 28 – May 2, 2014

CN WkApr28 2014 prism1

Fun with prisms part 1.

Whoa. Freaky! Casa North had a great time exploring the world through the perspective of prisms this week. We all get stuck in our own, certain views of the world and changing our perspective every now and then helps us to open up a new world of possibilities.

CN WkApr28 2014 prism2

Fun with prisms part 2.

In Montessori, we encourage children, through the materials and experiences available to them in the prepared environments, to explore as many perspectives as they can imagine. Some perspectives and viewpoints, and opinions, are more appealing to some of us than others, but learning to be comfortable exploring perspective at a young age sets the children up to be confident explorers and learners throughout their lives.

CN WkApr28 2014 1

Big work in Casa North with the Phonogram Cards.

Such confidence allows children to be comfortable tackling big tasks, such as what can at first sight seem to be the overwhelming complexity of the Phonogram Card material. Here, two boys almost literally dive right in to the activity, using the cards and the Moveable Alphabet to develop their knowledge of the way meaning is constructed by using our phonetic alphabet.

CN WkApr2014 2

So proud of her polishing.

Confidence goes hand in hand with pride, too. Practical Life activities such as Polishing give children the joy of seeing immediate results from their work. What was once a dull and dirty object is soon transformed into a clean and shiny object through the efforts of the child. The joy and pride in the results of her work is clearly evident on her face. Beautiful.

Also beautiful was all of the joy and pride on the faces of both the children and their grandparents this morning. He won’t admit it, but we think Dylan probably shed a small tear or two.

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