Casa South This Week: April 28 – May 2, 2014

CS WkApr28 2014 1

As the end of their time in Casa approaches, the older children start to extend their explorations with the materials. Knobless Cylinder towers.

This week, Casa South has seen an abundance of evidence that our third year Montessori Casa children are ready for their big move to Elementary next year. There has been a great deal of collaboration amongst them, and an equal amount of leadership in the environment.

Above, two of our older children are pushing the Knobless Cylinder material to it’s limits by extending the possibilities for exploration of diameter and equivalency.¬†

CS WkApr28 2014 2

A phonetic reading game extension created by Casa South guide Pat.

In the photo above, you can see three children working together with a reading extension material developed by Pat. The children roll the die/cube and match the resulting colour with the border colour of the cards. Each colour represents a different set of words with different numbers of syllables.

Our senior Casa kids also engaged in a great collaborative project this week. Last week we told you about the excitement amongst the children for counting to 100 and beyond. This week, one of the boys decided he wanted to count to 1000, so he took it upon himself to recruit some fellow, capable students, assigned them each a block of numbers to be responsible for, and then coordinated them all working together to write out 1 to 1000. All of this happened with nothing but encouragement from the guides.

CS WkApr28 2014 4

Signing out library books with Serena.

Reading is a big part of all levels of activity in Casa. You are all familiar with the library books the children bring home weekly, so here’s a peek behind the scenes of where they come from. Serena is signing out the books they have chosen for this week.

CS WkApr28 2014 5

Working with the subtraction strip board.

Back in the classroom, work in other areas continues. The Subtraction Strip Board material helps children visualize the process of substraction — to actually see the amount that has been “taken away.”

It was lovely having all of the grandparents visit our room this morning. Such a wonderful thing to see the loving relationships between young and old.

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