Lower South This Week: April 28 – May 2, 2014

LES WkApr28 2014 1

I don’t remember learning numbers in French being this much fun.

You all know Sylvia, and she is a big part of both Lower Elementary environments. Sylvia has set up a great French program in the Lower South environment that the children from both Lower rooms are able to take advantage of. Both herself and a variety of materials, many of them developed by Sylvia, are available to the children at all times. And as you can see above, French language instruction at DVMS is done with far more love and laughter than many of us remember from our own school days.

LES WkApr28 2014 2

This is what happens to poetry/rhyming presentations when it rains all week.

We have been exploring poetry and rhyme (and poems that don’t rhyme) in Lower South recently. Above, Noeleen is explaining the concept of rhyme and rhyming couplets. Since poetry is about the expression of emotion and feeling, it is suiting that the example couplet and picture is an accurate representation of the emotions and feelings resulting from the rainy weather and Noeleen’s ongoing battle with a cold.

LES WkApr28 2014 poetry

Dramatic poetry presentation — “The Goblin Song.”

As part of the poetry process, the students each found a poem that they liked and worked to develop a dramatic presentation. Above, two girls present their poem wearing costumes and performing actions they created themselves. This is a great way to have the children really engage with and learn the meaning and feelings of a poem beyond just straight memorization and repetition.

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Activity-wise, our horseback riding continues this month (thank you so much to the parent volunteers,this activity could not happen without you). There is a range of both trepidation and excitement when it comes to riding the horses, but it remains one of our most popular activities.

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Finally, we were so lucky to be able to end this week with visits from the grandparents. Grandparents’ Day throws the regular schedule into complete disarray, but it is so worth it.

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