Lower North This Week: May 5-9, 2014

LEN WkMay5 2014 bead

The two girls above are working with the Montessori Beadframe material. It is a math material and it is being used above for addition.

“We were having a little race,” said one of the girls, “just for fun.” She went on to explain that “we both talk a bit… a lot,” and that racing helps them to stay focused and to concentrate on the task at hand. What a great example of children taking responsibility for their own learning.

LEN WkMay5 2014 puzzle1

We introduced a world jig saw puzzle this week to extend the puzzle maps.

LEN WkMay5 2014

It’s even a challenge for Rob.

This week, we also brought in a jigsaw puzzle as a challenging extension to the classic Montessori Puzzle Maps. As you can see above, the girls are using the Montessori continent maps that they have mastered as guides to help them complete the puzzle. This is both fun and a challenging way to further develop their knowledge of world geography.

LEN WkMay5 2014

The Lower North “Antonym Challenge” list.

Another annual challenge is the “Antonym Challenge,” where the two lower elementary rooms challenge each other to come up with the longest list of antonyms. We have also done synonym and homonym challenges. Can you think of anymore?

LEN WkMay5 2014 div

The first attempt ever at long division.

Perhaps the biggest challenge this week, though, is the young boy above taking his first stab at long division using the Stamp Game material. As you can see, a lot of concentration is required. Way to go buddy.

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