Lower South This Week: May 5-9, 2014

LES WkMay5 2014 biz

A glimpse into the busy, daily nature of a Montessori Lower Elementary environment.

A Montessori elementary classroom is a very busy place. Above is a sample of things going on in Lower South on a regular morning. There is project research work, Canadian Geography, multiplication work with the Checkerboard material, some proofreading and editing of project drafts, some history work based on the Montessori timelines, and some comfy reading all taking place.

LES WkMay5 2014 obs

DVMS is always willing to welcome observers into our environments. We are very proud of our authentic approach to Montessori and love to show it off.

We also welcomed an observer from Dearcroft Montessori School in Oakville this week. Observers from other schools come to see how we do things, pick up tips for their own practice, and share their ideas with us. Cara spent the morning in our environment observing the children at work, and she had the opportunity to meet and chat with a number of your kids about what they were working on. They are always so gracious and polite when we have visitors.

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We also got outside and enjoyed the nicer weather. Over the winter, Carol presented on the different types of roots plants can have. We got to do some follow-up work on that by weeding the outdoor classroom spaces and seeing if we could remember and identify the different root types.


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Some outdoor work a number of your kids have embarked upon on their own over the last few weeks is their construction of an adobe-style fort/hut during recess. They built a frame out of the pallets our paving stones came on, as well as a number of sticks and branches, and then took advantage of the muddy playground to patch the walls. This work was inspired by their study of early humans and the types of shelters they built and lived in. Above is a glimpse of both the inside and the outside.

LES WkMay5 2014 weeds

Noeleen helped her kids plant a weed garden. Yep.

To finish off, we hope you enjoy the caption above. It’s funny/cute story. When they were weeding and identifying roots, they asked Carol why some plants are weeds. She told them it was because they were growing where they weren’t supposed to be, so they made them a place of their own to grow.

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