Casa East This Week: May 5-9, 2014

CE WkMay5 2014 alphext

Using the Story Alphabet to craft some seasonal messages.

Lovely days in Casa East this week. The two girls above are using the Story Alphabet material to construct some messages about their favourite seasons: “I like summer because it is warm” and “I like spring because it is my birthday.”

Montessori kids learn the phonetic sounds of letters first — we do use a phonetic alphabet, after all — so they often make what we would call spelling mistakes. The Story Alphabet material is their first introduction to what a story is. They lay out the story, write it out, and illustrate it. It also gives the guide the opportunity to address the different ways to create the sounds that spell words.

CE WkMay5 2014 window

Checking on the progress of their new herb garden.

Our outdoor environment is also coming along as the weather improves. Upper East is building a spiral herb garden that we will share with them, and as you can see, the Casa East kids are eagerly anticipating getting their hands dirty and doing a little gardening, so they are keeping a close eye on the construction.

CE WkMay5 2014 tic

What a great way to learn Tic Tac Toe. Elizabeth assures us there was no gambling.

We have also been creating a number of materials for our outdoor space. Above, we are giving our new Tic Tac Toe material a test run. It is a fun game, but also involves a bit of numeracy, as well as some sneaky geometry.

CE WkMay5 2014 hammer

One of our newly created outdoor materials — hammering.

Another of our new outdoor materials is a recreation of the Montessori Hammering activity. Hammering helps young children develop strength and hand-eye coordination, which helps to prepare them for a number of other tasks and skills as they develop.

CE WkMay5 2014 sol

One of our newly created outdoor materials — solitaire.

The golf tees are part of a solitaire game material we created this week. Besides letting the children enjoy the outdoor space, also take note of the focus, engagement, and concentration such activities require. The use of natural materials is also an essential part of Montessori education. We hope you had the opportunity to come to the DVMS Parent Group discussion at the Strata Cafe this morning to discuss the relation between kids and nature.

CE WkMay5 2014 holly

Surprise visit with Holly and Stella.

We were also lucky to have a surprise visit from Holly and baby Stella on Friday morning. Both are doing great, and the children were so excited to see them.

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    Kensington was very excited to show me the progress of the herb garden last week…


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