Upper East This Week: May 5-9, 2014

UEE WkMay5 2014 garden

Upper East kids building the spiral herb garden.

Our herb garden construction is continuing to progress. This week we finished the stone wall and added some landscaping fabric. Next we had to figure out how much soil we needed. You may remember last week’s update when we showed you the children learning how to measure volume; they put that knowledge to use this week finding out how much soil they would need to fill the garden, which isn’t exactly a standard geometric shape.

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They had to measure and create imaginary prisms that fit inside the garden structure and figure out the total volume. Then they needed to find out how much soil comes in a standard bag of soil and determine how many bags they needed, how much it would cost, and how they would acquire them. Thanks to a parent volunteer, they were able to make a trip to a garden centre, and discovered that lugging bags of soil is tiring work.

UEE WkMay5 2014 hair

Upper girls turned our playground log pile into a salon.

It’s not all dirt and sweat though. Some Upper East girls took advantage of the warmer weather and our playground logs to engage in a little mutual hair styling.

UEE WkMay5 2014 sqroot

Learning about square root using the Peg Board material.

Back in the classroom environment, we stayed busy constructing our cognitive knowledge as well. The boys above are using the Montessori Peg Board material to explore the concept of square root. Like all Montessori learning, they are beginning with the material to experience a visual, concrete representation of the concept. As their knowledge, skills, and experience develop, they will move away from the material into the abstract.

UEE WkMay5 2014 MD

Terrence, all set for Mother’s Day Tea. He even wore a pink shirt.

Finally, on Friday afternoon we hosted our Mother’s Day Tea. There was lots of preparation and activity — baking, decorating, and such. As of Friday morning, Terrence and the kids were putting the finishing touches on the preparations, and looking forward to hosting the Upper East moms (by trying to stay clean at recess).

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