Upper West This Week: May 5-9, 2014

UEW WkMay5 2014 cw

Classification work.

Some big presentations in Upper West this week as we work toward the latter half of the final term. The kids above are working with the Chinese Box material, which introduces scientific classification — the kingdoms to which species belong. We use the nesting doll to help students visualize the fact that the different areas of classification nest inside each other. Each student chooses a plant or animal and does their own research to determine how to classify it.

UEW WkMay5 2014 Exp

Early explorers work.

We also ventured into early Canadian history this week. We begin with the early explorers, moving from the Vikings to Cartier’s third voyage. When the upper children move on to Strata Adolescent Montessori, they pick up from this point. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take much coercing to have 11- and 12-year-old boys look into Viking culture.

UEW WkMay5 2014 MDbake

Baking for mother’s day tea.

UEW WkMay5 2014 MDbake

Baking in preparation for the Mother’s Day Tea.

Other excitement this week is preparation for our Mother’s Day Tea on Monday, May 12. Hosting the Moms is always such a lovely afternoon, and has become our annual entrance into spring and sun and warm weather. We hope you can all make it for 2:00 on Monday afternoon; as you can see, there will be some yummy baked goods to go along with the tea. By the way, baking is a great way to put some math and science into practice, as it involves measurement, fractions, temperature, creating compounds, and chemical reactions.

UEW WkMay5 2014 ult2

Upper kids from both classes are loving ultimate frisbee.

UEW WkMay5 2014 ult1

Excellent form on the release, not sure about the handstand in the background though.

Activity-wise, we have been enjoying learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee for the last couple of weeks. Our flicks and hucks are coming along nicely, and while handstands are not a traditional part of Ultimate, they also seem to be improving. Ultimate is a great sport for kids and adults; it requires a phenomenal amount of cardio and will whip you into shape in no time. Want to know more? Tony will be more than willing and happy to fill you in.

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