Lower North This Week: May 12-16, 2014

LEN WkMay12 2014 numcards

Working with the Large Number Cards in Elementary, in French.

Last week, in the Casa North update, we showed you children working with the Montessori Large Number Cards. Above, Sylvia is using the material to teach lower elementary level children numbers in French. The children’s familiarity with the material makes the learning more comfortable, and is a great example of the flexibility and multiple ways Montessori materials can be used by trained Montessori guides. 

LEN WkMay12 2014 bead

It may look like an abacus, but this is the Montessori Bead Frame.

Also as you saw last week, the Large Bead Frame is under heavy use these days in Lower North. This material is the last passage on the way to abstraction  and moving on to doing math work only on paper. It is modeled after an abacus but is   colour coordianted with the other Montessori math materials, such as the Large Number Cards, to promote continuity in their learning. You will also notice that the Bead Frame has the families of numbers (units, tens, hundreds, thousands) listed on the side.

LEN WkMay12 2014 early

Using a Montessori timeline to focus on the tools created and used by early humans.

On the cultural history side of things, we also spent some time this week focusing on a specific aspect of our study of early humans. Once we placed the time period of early human tool development and use on the Montessori Timeline, Rob used an image-rich book to entice discussion on what and how various items may have been used as tools.

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A big part of the past week was an erosion experiment a number of the older students completed with Carol to learn about the effects plant life has on soil erosion. After setting up some containers with seeded grass and others with just soil, they poured water in each and experienced the extent to which the plants’ root systems hold the soil together and prevent soil erosion.

They then invited the younger Lower Elementary students to come down to the multi-purpose room where they demonstrated their experiment and explained the results.

Don’t forget, we are closed Friday and Monday, horseback riding concludes next Friday, May 23, and campouts are coming up in June, for which your kids will need sleeping bags and such (a complete list will be distributed soon).

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