Lower South This Week: May 12-16, 2014

LES WkMay12 2014 div

Exploring division with the beads.

The girls above are a great example of Montessori students using the materials to explore and solve their own problems. They are using the Montessori Bead material to solve division problems, and taking an opportunity to do a little exploration on their own. They took out twelve beads and figured out how many ways they could divide them up into equal groups. Good work girls. 

LES WkMay12 2014 frac

Learning about fractions, symmetry, and vowels and consonants, all at once.

Noeleen also gave the children a great, multi-faceted presentation this week. She and the kids used their names to explore fractions, symmetry, and consonants and vowels. They would identify which letters were vowels and which were consonants; then they would figure out which letters in their names could be divided into symmetrical halves; finally, they wrote out their results as fractions (for example, 2/5 letters are vowels, 3/5 are consonants, 1/5 can be divided in half symmetrically).

LES WkMay12 2014 share

Sharing knowledge with a friend.

Another nice moment occurred between the two boys above. One took some time out from his work on time to listen as the other excitedly told him all that he had learned about India, where his family is from. This kind of sharing of knowledge is lovely in the sense of social relations, as well as being an excellent way to entrench one’s own knowledge.

Don’t forget, we are closed Friday and Monday, horseback riding concludes next Friday, May 23, and campouts are coming up in June, for which your kids will need sleeping bags and such (a complete list will be distributed soon).

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