Lower South This Week: May 19-23, 2014

LES WkMay19 2014 DevGram2

The Montessori Grammar Box material helps children to learn about the different part of speech that make up sentence structure.

The Montessori Grammar Box material is under constant, heavy use in a Lower Elementary environment. Above, you can see the material laid out in mid-use. It helps children learn the basic building blocks of sentences by having them identify the different parts of speech — nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, conjunctions, and articles.

LES WkMay19 2014 DevGram

Learning about sentence structure using the Montessori Grammar Box material.

The student uses a specific set of symbols to signify each distinct part of speech in a sentence, an activity that allows them to grasp the fundamentals of good structure. Once you can build great sentences, all of your writing will improve.

LES WkMay19 2014 pers

This week, we learned to construct persuasive arguments, so now they will be even better at arguing. You’re welcome.

The Lower South kids put their great sentence writing skills to use this week learning how to write persuasive arguments. Above is one of the prompts we use to give the children a starting point. You’ll all be happy to know that your children should soon be much better at arguing with you.

LES WkMay19 2014 time

The study of time continues, with assistance from some great Montesori materials.

Our work with time is also continuing. One boy above is learning about telling time on the 1/2 hours, and the other boy is learning about time on the 1/4 hours. While each learning their own piece of time, the students are also able to work together, enjoying some social time as well. Once the students have mastered this material, it is reviewed before they move on to representing time on paper. Beginning to learn about time is a great opportunity to get your child an analog watch — makes a great Christmas present for first-year Lower Elementary students.

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We also continued to take advantage of DVMS’s outdoor environment. Carol gave the children a presentation on the parts of a flower using petunia’s as an example. The children then had the opportunity to plant some petunias in one of our outdoor gardens. As they grow and bloom, the children will be able to revisit the presentation as they check on the progress of their plants.

You will also all be happy to know that your support of all of our bake sales, pencil and toy drives, and other fundraising efforts has resulted in the recognition of three of our students. Click here to read a short article announcing that three Lower South students have been nominated for the Dundas Valley Collision Centre Youth Volunteer of the Year Award.

Finally, please see the info below about the Lower Elementary year-end trip to Crieff Hills:

Lower Elementary Camp Out[1]

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