Upper East This Week: May 19-23, 2014

UEE WkMay19 2014 couch

Learning doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Upper East boys working together on the couch.

Learning can be difficult and can challenge us cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Montessori environments are designed to stimulate children’s interests in a variety of subject areas, but also to be a place where they can feel safe and confident enough to challenge themselves, whether it be an individual challenge or the challenge of working with others. Terrence has certainly managed to develop such an environment in his first year at DVMS; there’s always lots of comfortable challenging going on.

UEE WkMay19 2014 ib4e

The battle with the letter “e” continues. Last week it was silent, this week it’s got a complicated relationship with the letter “i”.

This week, Upper East continued their work with that tricky old letter “e.” It’s been silent to create long vowel sounds, it’s been dropped to add suffixes, and now it turns out it has this weird relationship with the letters “i” and “c.” The exasperated hands on the cheeks sums it up perfectly.

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And as you all know, the Science Fair was a huge part of this past week. It seemed like a lot of chaos at times as everyone worked to get their presentation boards together and to set up their experiment demonstrations. Not only did they learn about undertaking experiment-based science projects, they also learned how to work together to share resources when deadlines create a high demand. Thank you to all of the parents that managed to come out and view all of their hard work.

Please enjoy a few videos of the Science Fair experience below.

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