Upper West This Week: May 19-23, 2014

UEW WkMay10 2014 sci

Demonstrating Science Fair experiments to the Lower Elementary kids.

Thank you to all of the parents that came by to see the Science Fair presentations Friday morning. It has been a busy few weeks, but has hopefully been a great experience for the kids. Not only have they learned about the scientific method and the topics of their specific experiments, but also about time management, personal responsibility, and speaking to adults about their work.

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Another big event this week was the arrival and set up of our caterpillar — butterfly kits. Each child had the chance to set up a caterpillar in a container with all that it will need to transform into a butterfly. We are hoping that we will soon have video of a butterfly release. This is a great way to let the children have a meaningful experience of one of the natural events we learn about.

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There was a lot of behind the scenes work that went into the Science Fair. Besides all of the experiment work that took place at home, the floor space, glue sticks, and printer were in heavy demand all week as the Upper kids worked hard to get their presentation boards together. It may have dominated the week, but the way that Montessori allows for deep engagement with tasks offers the children opportunities for deep learning as well.

Enjoy a few videos below of the Science Fair experience:

UEW WkMay19 2014 tall

Every now and then, Kathleen bumps into a former student, now at Strata Montessori, and LOOKS UP to them with fondness and pride.

And just to end on a fun note, please also enjoy this picture of Kathleen with a former student, now a member of Strata Montessori, who seems to have grown a couple of inches since moving on from Kathleen’s Upper Elementary class. This will happen to your kids too, y’know.

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