Casa North This Week: May 26-30 2014

CN WkMay26 2014 story

The beginnings of sentence (story) construction. What’s your favourite unicorn?

As we move towards the end of the year, we get to see just how far our Montessori kids have come. The Story Alphabet gets a lot of use these days as children begin to put all of their knowledge of phonetic sounds to use constructing words and simple sentences (stories). This is the beginning of children developing their own voice

CN WkMay26 2014 num

Large number card work is still in heavy rotation in Casa North.

If you have been following these updates recently, you have seen how much the Large Number Card material is being used in Casa North. It was in heavy demand again this past week, taking up almost all of the floor space in one half of our environment.

CN WkMay26 2014 bells

It may warm like summer outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play “Jingle Bells,” on the bells.

And just because it’s almost summer doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to play a little “Jingle Bells” on the Montessori Bells. The children are always drawn to this material, which helps to develop auditory discrimination and allows children to begin learning musical scale.

CN WkMay26 2014 yoga

Casa North ventured outside for some yoga this week.

But because it is almost summer means we can enjoy more outdoor adventures and activities. DVMS has a great gymnasium space, but having the chance to take our gym program outside is wonderful. Above we stretch things out with a little group yoga.

CN WkMay26 2014 para

We also got to to play with the parachute this week.

We also go to take out the parachute this week. It’s bright. It’s colourful. It’s puffy. We love the parachute!

CN WkMay26 2014 water

All on their own, the Casa North crew devised an orderly, take-turns-watering-the-garden process.

Also outdoors this week, the children resolved a potentially sticky situation on their own. The opportunity to water the garden was very appealing to many of the children. They realized this could be a troublesome situation, so they worked out a take-turns-watering-the-garden line. We love this kind of independent (of adults) problem solving.

CN WkMay26 2014 diy

The DIY spirit runs strong in Casa North; make-your-own clipboard writing.

Also in the spirit of independence this week, two of our boys decided to create their own activity. Usually, this writing work is done with a specific piece of paper on a clipboard. Instead, they decided they wanted to recreate the activity from scratch. Awesome!

Finally this week, please note that the sleepover for the third-year Casa children will take place Friday, June 6, at 3:30 until the morning of Saturday, June 7, when pick up will take place promptly at 9:00 a.m.

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