Lower North This Week: May 26-30 2014

LEN WkMay26 2014 mag

Checking on the caterpillars also means fun with magnifying glasses.

We’re keeping an eye on things as we move towards the end of the year! Most notably, we’re keeping a close eye on our caterpillars, which have grown a lot this past week. See below for more…

LEN WkMay26 2014 cat

Our caterpillars are growing rapidly, and have assumed the J-position.

As of Friday morning a number of them had assumed the “J-position,” which indicates that they are about to enter the chrysalis phase. Above, you can see one them in this position, and note the growth from the tiny little things we showed you last week. There is a lot of excitement for them to emerge.

LEN WkMay26 2014 gram

Deconstructing sentences to determine parts of speech is an essential part of literacy education in Montessori.

Another of the things we keep a close eye on is the children’s language and literacy development. Children learn to identify the different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, articles, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions) that make up sentences using a specific set of symbols that are tied to the Montessori Grammar Box material. Understanding how sentences are constructed is a big step in learning to gain control over language.

LEN WkMay26 2014 leafs

In true Leaf’s fan fashion, he declared that, “There’s always next year.”

With such control over language, students can embark upon writing stories about what interests them — taking the opportunity to engage in valuable practice and learning experiences in a context that is enjoyable, even if it is a story about the Toronto Maple Leafs. (Please leave hockey-related commentary below).

LEN WkMay26 2014 proj

End of year project presentations are big part of each week right now.

Developing language and literacy skills also gives children the skills needed to perform research projects on topics that interest them, and to present them to their peers. In the background, you can see the project presentation we showed you last week. The end of the term is the time when many projects are finished up and presented.

LEN WkMay26 2014 knot

Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Baker, Montessori guide, husband, father, friend, hockey player, and knot fixer.

It’s not all readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic though. Sometimes we need to find our Montessori guides to help us get the knots out of our shoelaces!

Remember, we are off on our end-of-year sleepover campout at Crieff Hills next Thursday and Friday. Please see last week’s update for details.

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