Lower South This Week: May 26-30 2014

LES WkMay26 2014 venn

Montessori offers many opportunities to work comfortably with peers, even if different work is being done.

We just love the picture above. This low table is a popular part of our environment, and this week the three girls above enjoyed some time working together on different activities. Montessori environments are designed to allow learning to be as comfortable as possible — physically, emotionally, and socially. 

LES WkMay26 2014 french

Heavy end-of-year action in the Lower Elementary French environment.

And while it may seem a little chaotic, the French environment that is a part of Lower South is a space that makes learning a second language comfortable. There are a number of independent French projects being completed right now, as well as work with the other materials Sylvia has created.

LES WkMay26 2014 div

Using the Montessori Racks and Tubes material to work on long division.

This was a great scene this week as Noeleen and a small group worked with the Racks and Tubes material to practice some long division. There was laughter and smiles, and the term “division diva” was even heard. Fun, with division… Who knew?

LES WkMay26 2014 cheq

Chequerboard work: multipying by a single digit, in the millions.

Having the chance to work with a friend can also make multiplication work fun. The Montessori Chequerboard is a material that helps children understand the mechanics of multiplication. (It is spelled “chequerboard” as Montessori materials use the English spelling since they were developed in Europe. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the multiplication of cheques).

LES WkMay26 2014 tongue

Checking in on progress with Noeleen, but the best part is the boy next to her and his tongue of concentration.

The best part of the picture above is the young boy’s tongue. In the midst of a line of students checking in with Noeleen on the progress of various projects and other pieces of work, the tongue is definitive evidence that focus and engagement is being maintained. Good job!

Remember, we are off on our end-of-year sleepover campout at Crieff Hills next Thursday and Friday. Please see last week’s update for details.

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