Upper West This Week: May 26-30 2014

UEW WkMay26 2014 cat

The caterpillars are growing at a surprisingly rapid rate.

Our caterpillars, that were tiny little critters when they came in last week, have grown at a tremendous rate this past week. It’s actually remarkable how quickly they have grown, and we are hoping their journey into butterflies takes place just as quickly. There is a great deal of excitement.

UEW WkMay26 2014 creek

A visit to the creek that runs by our property.

We also enjoyed the chance to get outside this past week and explore the banks of the creek that runs beside our property. We are lucky to have such a treasure within easy grasp. Taking learning out into the natural environment is such an important part of Montessori education.

UEW WkMay26 2014 smile

Fractions, so much fun!

Having fun while learning is also a big part of Montessori. The girl above was struggling a bit with some aspects of working with fractions and asked Anna to help her out. The fact that both are laughing is a testament to the way that Montessori learning and environments make learning a joyful experience.

UEW WkMay26 2014 surr

The end of the school year is near, but Kathleen has already surrendered.

The end of the year also means it’s time to make sure everyone has received every presentation they need to get in preparation for the next year. These small group lessons are the initial introduction to areas of study. The students are then invited to go off and explore the topics further through suggested follow-up activities, or through activities of their own creation.

Remember, we are off to Luna for our year-end campout next week. Please check your inboxes for a detailed email that went out this week. Upper West will be at Luna from Monday to Wednesday next week, with the year six kids staying until Friday.

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