Casa East This Week: June 9-13, 2014

CE WkJune9 2014 work

Going through work folders to see what needs to be finished up.

As the school year winds down it’s time to perform one final round of assessment. As you know, Montessori avoids the traditional forms of assessment — testing, exams, and grades — in favour of direct observation of the children and the development of unique relationships with each individual child. Above, Elizabeth is going through each student’s work to see what has been mastered, what needs more work, and what needs to be completed. 

CE WkJune9 2014 princess

Princesses at work.

Oh, little girls and their princess accoutrements. T-shirts and dresses are pretty standard fare, but we also had a number of tiaras this past week. Montessori kids are encouraged to express their personalities, and the core Montessori philosophy of freedom within limits allows children to do so as long as it doesn’t disrupt the work being done by other students or prove to be a distraction from their own work.

CE WkJune9 2014 setting

Learning how to put a place setting together.

A nice, and popular, addition to the Practical Life area of our environment is the Setting a Table job. Besides learning a life-skill and preparing themselves to help set up the lunchtime place settings, activities such as this also continue the Casa child’s development of the concepts of order and sequence.

CE WkJune9 2014 busy

The end is near, but Casa East kids are keeping busy.

Even though we are only one week away from the end of the school year, your children are staying busy. Above we have a table with two Unit Division Boards in mid-use (math requires snacks), and two girls doing two separate Culture and Practical Life jobs: Pinning Continents, where the child needs to carefully trace and cut out the outlines of continents, and Pasting, which also involves the development of fine motor control skills necessary for writing.

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Finally, take a look at those adorable little critters. The Casa East pets — Cuddy and Keeler — have already been claimed for part of the summer, but they are still looking for a place to spend the rest of their summer vacation. They travel as a pair, and if you’re quick enough, you can be the best parent in the world who lets their kids enjoy the company of their beloved classroom pets for part of the summer. If you are interested, please let Elizabeth know.

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