Casa North This Week: June 9-13, 2014

CN WkJune9 2014 secret

Secret projects!

Some secret projects were underway in Casa North this week, but they are secret, secret projects so we can’t tell you any more about them. Nothing to see here. Move on please. 

CN WkJune9 2014 colour

A peek through the window on the stairs.

We love our little Casa-sized hobbit doors that lead to the outdoor Montessori environments. The stairs also make a nice, indoor stoop for the children to sit on, and they provide a nice overview of the rest of the environment. Monday of this week saw some Casa North kids enjoying the reading corner and working with the Montessori Colour Box material, which helps children learn colours, as well as develop their visual discrimination abilities as they organize the shades of each colour, gives them a foundation for later studies of the sun, light, and colour, and is also a wonderfully social activity. We also use it as part of our birthday celebrations: we use it to create the sun and the birthday-child walks around it the number of times equal to their age, to represent each year of their life.

CN WkJune9 2014 tri

Constructive Triangle work with Shannon.

A bit of sad news/good news this week. Dylan was sick one day, which was sad, especially for Dylan, but which meant Casa North was treated to a full day with Shannon. The Montessori Constructive Triangle material being put to use above is an introduction to the different types of triangles, and also allows children to create other geometric shapes such as hexagons, parallelograms, trapezoids, and more.

CN WkJune9 2014 cupcakes

We got to do a little baking this week.

In other fun news, Laura brought a number of the children to the staff room to do a little baking. Cooking is a great way to cover a wide variety of areas of learning and development. It involves math, following directions, working in sequence, concentration, is a great practical life activity, and best of all, the results are yummy.

CN WkJune9 2014 rods

Using the rods to maneuver the rods.

The Red Rods are one of the initial indirect math materials from the Sensorial Area of the environment. The boys above are doing an extension activity with the materials where they make a maze that goes from longest to shortest.

CN WkJune9 2014 read

Reading a book written by another Casa North student.

And as we get closer to summer, what better thing to do than to practice for all those days of lounging and reading, especially when the reading material is a story written by friends in your class.

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