Lower South This Week: June 9-13, 2014

LES WkJune9 2014 dead

Building a Neanderthal burial site.

As part of their study of early humans work, Lower Elementary students can undertake a number of projects to help bring the material to life; joyful, happy projects like recreating a Neanderthal burial site.

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This week, the caterpillars we have been following the progress of finally emerged from their cocoons. On Tuesday morning we brought the flight cages outside and opened the doors to their freedom. It wasn’t exactly like releasing the doves at the opening of the Olympics, but they all happily trickled on out and now Dundas is blessed with a few dozen more Painted Lady butterflies.

LES WkJune9 2014 loom

The Lower South loom gets a lot of use.

Both of the DVMS Montessori Lower Elementary environments have looms that are a very popular activity. Turns out there is a history of looming amongst a number of DVMS staff families, where our looms came from.

“My mother is a weaver and an anthropologist,” explained Lower North Guide Rob Baker. “She’s worked in Peru and Chile studying their textiles. She’s also worked with the adolescents at Strata.”

Another of our Montessori Mom’s is also a weaver and came to set up the warf for the children to be able to work with the 100-year-old loom. The Lower North kids have also labeled the different parts of the loom so they know what’s what (and expanded their vocabulary). They also use a different tool to measure the threads to be woven (using math skills) and get to directly experience a simple machine (physics of pulleys and levers) when working with the loom. The third-year kids also had a chance to see another loom in action during their trip to Westfield Heritage Village this week.

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We have also started welcoming the third-year Casa children who will be moving up to Lower Elementary in September into our environment. This is both a nice and nervous time for the Casa children. Obviously, going from being the biggest, oldest, and most experienced to being the smallest, youngest, and a little bit lost and confused is scary, but as soon as they recognize familiar faces from other Casa environments, and Elementary kids they know, they soon settle right in and begin familiarizing themselves with what to expect in September. They will be visiting on a number of occasions over the next little while.

LES WkJune9 2014 gizmo

Look at Gizmo. He’s so cute and awesome. Bet you wanna bring to your house for the summer don’t you?

Finally, take a look at that cute little critter up there. Awwwwww… Your kids love him so much and are going to miss him terribly over the summer. Wouldn’t it be so nice if he came and spent the summer at your house so he can continue to be loved and cared for? You know it would. If your family is interested, please speak to Noeleen. He does need a home for the summer. In the past, a number of families have worked out a schedule to share the classroom pets over the course of the summer.

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