Casa North 2014 Week 1 Update

CN WkSept2 2014 friends

There may have been a couple of playdates over the summer, but it’s good to be back working with friends.

“September has started with a bang,” said Casa North Montessori guide Dylan. “Older friends are helping the younger ones with things like shoes and opening applesauce containers, and the tears are all dried up.”

CN WkSept2 2014 window

It doesn’t take long for new Casa kids to start taking care of their Montessori environment.

“Routines are also settling in: jobs cycle, snack, more work, lunch, recess, jobs, snack, jobs, clean-up, home. Everything is falling into place nicely.”

CN WkSept2 2014 busy

The Casa North Montessori environment is a busy place already.


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