Lower North 2014.15 Week 1 Update

LEN WkSept2 2014 library

The new library area in the Lower North Montessori environment is a smashing success so far.

“Lower North is all about community,” said Rob this week, “about the older children inspiring the younger ones.”

LEN WkSept2 2014 comfort

The Lower North environment is a comfortable place to meet new friends.

“I posed a question to the year threes,” said Rob. “Who did they look up to when they were in year one? And each of them gave a name in response. I then asked them, ‘Do you want to be that name for these young kids?’ So we focus on building, on the older ones teaching the younger ones, sort of how and what a community is, and learning how to act within the community. I could tell them, or they could be guided by someone else.”

LEN WkSept2 2014 robweight

Take a look at this first page of a project started this week on Asian Elephants. We have a new unit of weight measurement!

The first big piece of inspiring work this year came courtesy of one of Lower North’s older students who brought in her homemade volcano to demonstrate its eruption. She also donated a book about volcanoes and the earth’s crust to the classroom. There were multiple “I want to make one of those” declarations.

Lower Elementary students will be continuing Adventure Running with Janice
on Fridays in September. Please ensure that your child comes ready to have some outdoor fun. We will be running rain or shine. Your child will need to be wearing sturdy outdoor running shoes, shorts or pants (check the temperature expected for the day), T-shirt/long sleeved shirt. Also, don’t forget a water bottle. A light rain jacket or waterproof shirt would be advisable if rain is expected.

If you have any questions please email Janice at upperfrench@dvms.ca.
Lower students will begin karate on Friday mornings in October with former World Kick Boxing Champion Gord Waddell, at DVMS.

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