Strata Adolescent Montessori School: Week 1 Update

Strata WkSept2 2014 arlo1

Strata has a fun new addition this year, Arlo the puppy.

“Great first week,” said Strata Montessori guide Chris. “Arlo has been the inspiration for a lot of practical work that has gone on.

“A typical Montessori experience, we had an escape the first day [Arlo, not one of the students], so from that challenge we had a couple of the kids get together to design and build some doors.

“We’re also integrating that into our art this week — someone else came in with a proposal to decorate the doors, and we have an art class today so that’s what we’ll work on.”

Strata WkSept2 2014 arlo2

Strata has a fun new addition this year, Arlo the puppy.

“Total integration across the curriculum is what we do,” said Chris, “so this week the doors project was a part of math/geometry, building/hands-on work — hands, mind, and heart at the same time to get one project done.┬áIt was typical Montessori. We had the crisis, then we worked to solve the crisis.”

Arlo is being socialized and learning some manners before he goes into the guide program, and the kids are doing a big chunk of the work.

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