Upper East 2014.15 Week 1 Update

UEE WkSept2 2014 luna1

The Luna Project, where Upper Elementary students will be spending one day each week in September, is a magical place.

“The class has grown and we welcomed lots of new students,”said Upper East guide Terrence. “Everbody’s settling in well, and we’re doing some assessment activities to figure out where people are and what they still know from last year and what they may need to polish up this term.”

UEE WkSept2 2014 luna2

Upper East students, in the woods, talking with Luna Project owner David Masters.

“We had a great day at Luna where everybody spent time bonding with each other and exploring the new things that they have out at Luna, which has changed since last year.

“They have a new deck on the yurt so that there’s more space inside; they have a new playground that’s called Rosie’s Playground that is made out of things from around Luna, and there are new trails that have been cut.”

UEE WkSept2 2014 cong

Back in the Upper East Montessori environment, an introduction to the concept of congruency.

Upper East students will be spending every Thursday in September at The Luna Project. Please drop off at Luna by 9:00 a.m. Pick-up at Luna is at 3:00.

(Please Note: the linked map takes you to 689 Sager; that is the Luna farm office. The drop-off/pick-up parking lot is just south of that; it is on the left, before the farm office, just across from a horse farm.)

We encourage you to carpool as much as possible (maybe meet at DVMS if there are younger siblings) both for environmental goodness and to avoid congestion in the Luna lot.

Upper students will be participating in Ultimate Frisbee at DVMS on Fridays during October.

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