Casa East Update: Sept. 8-12 2014

CE WkSept8 2014 beads

A joyful presentation with the Teen Beads.

“For returning students to Casa East, we’ve been doing a lot of review,” said Elizabeth, “of concepts that they had already started to work on last year, and now we’re approaching the time where we’re ready to start moving on to new jobs.” 

Moving up to the Teen Beads is a big step for Montessori Casa children, and a great way to start your second year. It is their introduction to teen numbers once 1-10 have been mastered. The beads provide a visual and tactile representation of the quantities represented by the teen numbers, as well as demonstrating the relationship between the 10-strips of beads and the additional unit beads placed beside them to make up the teen numbers.

CE WkSept8 2014 cards

Our new Casa children are beginning to develop literacy skills; here they are exploring and learning about words that rhyme.

“There is also a lot of review of reading,” said Elizabeth, “and that’s been lovely. Children are excited to be bringing books home and reading to families and joyfully reading every afternoon after lunch. In general, the children are starting to settle. We have less tears, a few more activities coming out and being presented. We’re starting to build our repertoire.”

CE WkSept8 2014 fish

An early introduction to biology as a Casa child explores the parts of the fish.

The Montessori Parts of the Fish job does more than just introduce facts of biology. Children are also introduced to reading, visual discrimination while identifying the specific parts, as well as focus and detail work in colouring in the correct part.

CE WkSept8 2014 funnel

Pouring water with a funnel.

Montessori pouring activities are engaging, and they help children develop the sensory-motor coordination required to perform fine-motor manipulation work such as writing.

CE WkSpet8 2014 sink

Not just for late night TV, Sink orFloat is a great introduction to a number of concepts.

Our young friend above was thrilled with his presentation of a new job this week: Sink and Float. This job is fun, and it introduces children to the concepts of density and mass, categorization, and to basic scientific experimentation.

CE WkSept8 2014 girls

A few families are always finishing up vacations as summer draws to a close, but by week two it’s great to be reunited with all of our friends.

Also, the weather took a turn this week. Please be sure to check the forecast each morning and send along whatever clothing and outerwear may be required. We ask that children avoid open-toed shoes on the playground and are wearing socks. The DVMS natural playground has a number of spots that stay wet and muddy for a day or two after it rains, so rubber boots and splash pants are good investment heading into fall.

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