Casa South Update: Sept. 8-12 2014

CS WkSept8 2014 write

Work with many other Montessori materials prepares the child cognitively and physically for writing.

“Our children are happily getting back into the work routine,” said Casa South assistant Serena. “They are working independently, the older children are helping the younger ones. ” 

Montessori children begin writing at an earlier age than children in other educational models. Montessori materials they work with at earlier stages prepare them both physically and cognitively to begin forming letters and short words while still in Casa, and in cursive.

CS WkSept8 2014 care

Being a Montessori guide means more than just presenting materials, there’s a whole lotta love, care, and comfort involved too.

The first two weeks of school involve an introduction to the Casa Montessori environments, some early materials presentations, and a lot of comforting of those who are missing mom and dad. Please be assured, the tears don’t last long, and a quick and consistent goodbye makes the adjustment to school happen more easily.

CS WkSept8 2014 read

Having time to explore the classroom library with a friend is one of the great benefits of Montessori Casa.

Each Casa environment at DVMS has a library area that contains the levelled readers we use to develop reading skills, as well as a number of other books the children are welcome to explore throughout the day. Children at this stage benefit from non-fiction books that allow them to explore the real world around them.

CS WkSepr8 2014 bookfix

Sometimes the more popular books need a little reinforcement. Good job Serena.

CS WkSept8 2014 fold

Beautiful, simple, and developmentally beneficial.

Parents are often struck by the simplicity of many Casa Montessori materials. The beauty of the materials, using as many natural materials as possible, makes them appealing to children, and the tasks they involve have been proven, over the course of 100 years of experience and research, to be immensely valuable to the developmental needs of Casa-aged children.

“The girl above is folding square cloths,” said Serena. “This is also an early geometry activity. The cloths have lines on them that expose the children to how different shapes can be folded to make other shapes — a square to a triangle or a rectangle.”

Also, the weather took a turn this week. Please be sure to check the forecast each morning and send along whatever clothing and outerwear may be required. We ask that children avoid open-toed shoes on the playground and are wearing socks. The DVMS natural playground has a number of spots that stay wet and muddy for a day or two after it rains, so rubber boots and splash pants are good investment heading into fall.

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