Lower South Update: Sept. 15-19 2014

We sat down for a brief chat with new Lower Elementary assistant Catherine Warne (interspersed with a few photos of Lower South in action this past week), who was a Casa assistant at DVMS before taking some time off to have a baby. Catherine gave us her impressions on the move from CASA to Lower Elementary, a shift she is experiencing along with a number of the children she works with every day.

LES WkSept15 2014 followup

Working on some follow-up after a presentation.

On the shift from Casa to Lower assistant roles:

It’s a lot busier, and I really enjoy that. It’s a lot more responsibility — there’s more to do with the kids and the environment every day. I’m enjoying that so far. It’s also interesting going from being in one class to assisting in two. It’s a different dynamic.

LES WkSept15 2014 library

A little quiet time in the library.

On the difference between the two Lower Elementary environments:

There is a difference because there are different kids in both classes, so those dynamics are different. And there are two different teachers so they’re both run differently, but in the same vein. It’s cool to see the differences, yet they’re both similar.

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On moving up to Lower Elementary along with some of the children she was with in Casa:

I really like that! I’m really enjoying seeing them. I saw them when they were three all the way up until they were six, and now to see them in Lower Elementary and how they’ve changed and how they’ve grown as kids, and as intellectuals. It’s great.

I’m very surprised at how much they’ve changed. Being with those kids when they were learning how to read and now they’re doing science experiments and learning long division, it’s very cool to see.

Another difference between Casa and Elementary is that in Elementary the kids are much more social. It’s the age of social relationships and it’s fun to be part of that, as opposed to Casa where it’s more cut and dry. Here there are more emotions involved.

LES WkSept15 2014 Sylvia

Getting by with a little help from our friend, Sylvia.

On her daughter and returning to DVMS after a maternity leave:

 She’s great. She’s having a great time with Kate (Upper East guide Terrence’s wife, also a Montessori guide, who is looking after a number of new DVMS babies as there mamas return to work, see you in November Jodi) — Kate’s amazing. My daughter’s transitioned very well, probably better than I have. I just miss her, but I love being here. It’s so nice to be back.

Thanks Catherine. It’s great to have you back too.

LES WkSept15 2014 5kngdoms

Five Kingdoms of learning.

Remember, Lower elementary students will continue adventure running with Janice on Fridays in September. In October they will start karate, at DVMS, on Friday mornings with Gord Waddell from United Family Martial Arts. All DVMS Elementary students will be attending a cross country running event on October 1st at LaSalle Park in Burlington with Montessori students from Fairview Glen and Dearcroft Montessori schools. We will bus them to and from the event, which runs from 10:00 – 1:00. Please send a packed lunch and water bottle that day, along with appropriate running attire. Parents are welcome to attend to observe, or to help out guiding students along the route.

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