Casa East Update: Oct. 6-10 2014

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“We’ve spent a lot of time this past week talking about Thanksgiving,” said Elizabeth about the week that was in Casa East. “We’ve been talking about all they’re thankful for, and we made apple sauce on Thursday for our snack, as a group. The children helped peel and chop the apples with Stef, it was lovely; and, we did apple print¬†painting to follow up on our theme of using apples.”

CE WkOct6-10 2014 match

“He loves this material,” said Elizabeth, “hearing sounds at the beginning of words. Pinching the pegs to open and close them is the bigger challenge and has really helped develop his pincer grip and hand strength.”

Elizabeth also filled us in on what is engaging the Casa East crew these days:

“We have lots of new challenges with reading,” she said. “Several children have enjoyed working with a new phonogram material. It’s nice to watch them helping each other as they all master new sounds. We also have have a few children exploring creative writing, or story writing.”

CE WkOct6 2014 book

Exploring Casa East’s library.

“It’s a hard concept for some of the little ones to understand that a story or a thought has to come from their head — copying from a book is someone else’s thoughts. ‘But why can’t I just copy,’ said one little boy, ‘I like their thought better.'”

CE WkOct6-10 2014 map

“This was the first map he completed,” said Elizabeth. “I’m not sure who was more satisfied with the outcome, me or him.”


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“We had a great gym on Tuesday,” said Elizabeth. “All the older children now understand the importance of warming up: we run, skip, hop, jump, and side step around the gym — which are great skills to master. We used individual mats to practice somersaults. Then we added that to a routine of walking the balance beam, jumping off at the end and doing a somersault — a good challenge for lots of children. As one little girl said, ‘I love doing ‘nastics.'”

CE WkOct6 2014 create

“And who said Montessori stifles creativity?” said Elizabeth. “This was lovely and so spontaneous.”


CE WkOct6 2014 fraction1 CE WkOct6 2014 fraction2

The Montessori Fraction circles were also a popular item in Casa East this past week. This material can be used in a variety of ways, all of which introduce to children the concept that wholes can be broken down into parts, and that those parts can be put back together to make wholes. Children also discover that two 1/4-pieces can replace a 1/2-piece, for example. This work sets them up for fraction work at the Elementary level.

“We hope everyone enjoyed the field trip,” said Elizabeth, “and if you couldn’t make it, Happy Thanksgiving to all!”

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