Casa North Update: Oct. 6-10 2014

Don’t forget, the DVMS Parent Community Dinner is coming up on Saturday, October 25. Please click here for details and tickets.

Casa North has been taking advantage of the last weeks of worthy weather we’ll have to enjoy their outdoor Montessori environment.

CN WkOct 6-10 2014 fall

“Fall is creating perfectly appropriate make-work projects for our kids,” said Dylan, “who are more than happy to oblige. Fantastic concentration & focus in the great outdoors.”

“How many kids get to go outside by themselves and help take care of their environment?” said Dylan of the scene above. “Here is a child drawn to our Japanese inspired ‘Peace Garden’ because the walnut tree won’t stop dropping leaves and walnuts in our space. He changed his shoes, climbed the stairs, retrieved a rake, raked all the leaves and debris into one pile, and then carried them out of the garden into a pile of brush out of sight. An excellent multi step process executed beautifully, perfectly suited for this child’s needs.”

CN WkOct6 2010 cursive

The cursive formation presentations continue in Casa North.

“Cursive writing is a beautiful and sophisticated way of communicating,” said Dylan. “However, the child needs much practice, especially in the formation and accuracy of his or her letters. Good penmanship starts early and the child, via muscular memory, will get better and better at it the more they practice.”

CN WkOct6 2014 match

Matching cursive and print letters.

“Some of the children new to Montessori, or that know how to print already, at times struggle with letters that are far different from each other, such as z, f, or s. This matching exercise shows them the similarities and differences,” explained Dylan of the activity being undertaken by the deeply engaged Montessori child above.

CN WkOct6 2014 group

Working together to match images with initial letter sounds.

“These boys are enjoying the group challenge of covering up pictures that don’t start with the sound shown in the middle,” said Dylan. “Cue the song ‘One of These Things is Not Like the Others.’ This job also builds vocabulary and opens their minds up to objects they don’t know the names of, things like abacas, quill, pliers, macaw, engine, etcetera.”

CN WkOct6 2014 JBR

Each working steadily at their own jobs, while singing “Jingle Bell Rock,” in October.

“No matter what age, the children thoroughly enjoy the Practical Life area of the classroom. These 3rd year boys are drawn to pouring, tying a bow, and tweezer-ing. All fun, colourful, and purposeful materials,” Dylan told us about the wonderful, joyful time these friends spent together on a recent afternoon.

CN WkOct6 2014 cleancube

Keeping the table clean, while a friend explores the Montessori Trinomial Cube material.

“One of the fascinating things that occur in the Montessori Casa classroom,” said Dylan, “is the respect the children have for each other’s work and their personal space. Here we have a child working quietly and carefully on the complex trinomial cube, oblivious to the boy beside her who has found a table covered in chalk dust from someone else’s previous work. He quietly takes care of the matter and is on his way.”

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