Lower South Update: Oct. 14 – 17, 2014

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LES WkOct14 2014 help

Peer learning is a huge part of Montessori education, and one of the best ways to learn.

Project work is the subject of most of the activity in Lower South right now.

“That’s a French project they’re working on,” said Lower South guide Noeleen about the peer-learning scene above. “They find a recipe that interests them and translate everything, then they do the shopping with Sylvia, in French, and then the cooking at the end. They love doing that.”

LES WkOct14 2014 corner

The Lower South Montessori environment provides many ‘favourite places’ to work.

“Children can always find a quiet space to work,” explained Noeleen of the Lower South Montessori environment’s design. “Certain children prefer working on the floor. Depending on the material they’re working with, the floor allows for greater group work and getting comfortable with the material, while the table can sometimes become a little limited with the space that’s offered, which is why we have so many carpets in the environment, and why we are lucky to have so much space in the Lower environments overall.”

LES WkOct14 2014 angles

A Montessori material presentation on angles.

“These are the Geometric Sticks,” Noeleen explained about the Montessori material being presented above. “We’re looking at the different types of angles; they can then use them, rather than just putting pen to paper, to work from the concrete to the abstract. They have control booklets that they can look at and then build the angle in question, that is being described in the booklet. There are also follow-up cards with activities that they can work on independently.”

LES WkOct14 2014 math

Multi-age learning with the Montessori Stamp Game.

One of girls in the picture above is “working on subtraction with exchanging,” said Noeleen. “She’s comfortable with it but is keen to learn it in the abstract and is having help from two older peers, who are both very keen to help her learn it in the abstract. I was working with her and moved on to work with another child on something and her two friends picked up right where I left off.”

What a perfect example of how a multi-age Montessori learning environment is supposed to work.

LES WkOct14 2014 walk

Thursday was a lovely day for a stroll down the hall with Catherine.

Finally, we have a lovely image of Catherine comforting a student on a stroll down our very long hallway.

“One of the Practical Life jobs in Lower Elementary is doing laundry for the school. They have to wash and dry it, then sort it and fold it, and they go from working with placemats in Casa to tablecloths at our level, and they can be very big and overwhelming for some of the younger students. The laundry didn’t get put in from the day before, so we didn’t have any table cloths, so our little friend here was making sure that he got that taken care of. But, then he found out it was a little overwhelming to have large tablecloths to fold, so Catherine went down to review how to fold with small ones. He was determined that on Friday he was going to be all set to help fold the large tablecloths. It was a very, very sweet moment.”

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