Awesomers Win DVMS Hockey Tournament

By: Ella Oster

On October 9, the Manticores sports teams had a hockey tournament. If you don’t know what the Manticores are, they’re the new sports teams the upper elementary kids are organizing. Anyway, everybody had a great time at the hockey tournament. Here are some pictures from the games: 

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There were 6 teams that participated: The Hosers, The White Horses, The Eastern Eagles, The Awesomers, The Falcons, and The Sabres. In everybody’s minds every team won, but the scoresheet proved The Awesomers came in 1st, The Eastern Eagles came 2nd, and The Hosers came 3rd. Check out some pictures from the championship game and awards ceremony.

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The tournament was so much fun and we managed to raise $120.00 for the Manticores sports teams.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you had fun!

Here are some hockey card photos.

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