Montréal: Sledding

Strata: Montessori Adolescent School

Yesterday after we went out for supper we walked to Montréal en Lumiere, approximately 10 blocks away (Well, there may have been more running than walking…) Montréal en Lumiere was beautiful, there were moving patterns projected on the side of a building, but more importantly, a huge sled run made of ice. It took us a bit to figure out how to acquire the sleds so we could go down, but we did find some. (You think they would be at the top but noooo they were at the bottom.) Once we figured that out, the fun began. (I don’t think I’ll forget the looks of pure joy on everyone’s face as they flew by.) Sadly, only a couple people got 2 runs. I’m certain that there is more fun to come though.

by Kira

(Video taken by Lily)

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