Casa South Update: Week of March 30, 2015

You will notice that starting with this one, the update posts are being scaled back. Our goal was to provide a more detailed glimpse into the DVMS Montessori environments to see what your children are up to, learn a little bit more about Montessori materials, how they’re used, and their purpose, and to create a collection of posts that can be combined to offer the general public an idea of what Montessori is and how it works.

Look for some new features coming to your monthly “Events and Information” newsletter.

Read on to see what’s been going on in Casa South lately.


CS WkMarch30 2015 read

Still lots of opportunities to read with friends in the Csasa South Montessori environment.

CS WkMarch30 2015 tweez

Using tweezers in Casa South to develop fine motor skills coordination and hand strength for later writing.

CS WkMarch30 2015 pour

Casa Montessori Practical Life jobs teach responsibility, independence, life skills, and involve following a specific order of progress to succeed.

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CS WkMarch30 2015 cursive

If you search for “cursive” you’ll find a comprehensive article on the benefits of learning to write in cursive.

CS WkMarch30 2015 Michael

Montessori guide-in-training Michael is back in the Casa South environment giving presentations in each area: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics.

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