Casa South Update: Week of April 27, 2015

CS WkApril27 2015 read

Finally, the warm sun has returned, and both the Casa South tree, Benji, and students are soaking it up in the mornings.

CS WkApril27 2015 wrench

Manual dexterity, hand strength, coordination, and some practical life skills are developed in Montessori Casa environments with jobs like this.

CS WkApril27 2015 choose

There are lots of materials on the shelves in Montessori Casa environments. Casa South has pictures of them to help children choose what to do — creating their own Job Ribbons.

CS WkApril27 2015 snake

The Montessori Snake Game involves the exploration of combinations of ten.

CS WkApril27 2015 away

In a Montessori environment, children take materials off the shelves, use them appropriately, and then return them to the shelf ready for the next person to use. We often get a little help from an older friend.

CS WkApril27 2015 bells

The Bells are one of the most beautiful and attractive materials in a Montesori Casa environment. They introduce students to musical scale, develop auditory discrimination, and allow children to compose their own music.

CS WkApril27 sound

The Montessori Sound Cylinders are another Montessori Casa material that helps children develop auditiry discrimination. They must match the cylinders that sound the same when you shake them (they contain different materials).

CS WkApril27 2015 math1

The Casa boy here is using a Montessori Finger Chart to learn multiplication facts.

CS WkApril27 2015 math2

Both early and late Casa Montessori math materials are being used here: Small Bead Frame on the right and Spindle Boxes on the left.

CS WkApril27 2015 disco

The beautiful morning sun blazing through the Casa South windows is reflecting off this Casa girl’s sequined shirt and creating a cool disco ball effect on the Montessori material shelves.

Finally, we hope all the grandparents enjoyed their time visiting their grandchildren at DVMS today. We managed to capture a few precious moments:

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