Lower Elementary 2015 Year-End Camp Out Details

Lower Elementary Camp Out

Thursday – Friday, June 4-5

Crieff Hills Community

The trip will cost $55 and will cover accommodation, transportation, and all food.

The children will be preparing 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast at Crieff Hills, as well as a number of snacks. If your child has dietary restrictions/allergies, please speak directly to Noeleen or Jodi by Monday, June 1, so we can discuss alternatives/solutions.

Supply List:
Please ensure EVERYTHING is labeled!!
We will be staying in cabins so tents and air mattresses are not needed.

Sleeping bag (pillows are provided)
Toothbrush, paste, washcloth, soap etc
Teddy if required
Water bottle
Comfortable walking shoes and socks
Change of clothes
Warm clothes for evening
Bug spray
Sit upon (ex.plastic bag with towel inside to sit on outside)
Rainwear (please listen to weather report to determine needs)
Reading book

Please send only one, medium-sized bag with your child. Their bags also need to travel with us on the bus, so packing light and tight is essential. Thank you.

Please keep an eye on the weather. If it looks like it is going to rain, children are asked to bring a board game (not battery operated) to play with friends.

No treats, food, electronic devices or toys please!

Overnight experiences are exciting but can be scary for some. If you feel your child is not ready for this excursion, keep in mind it is an annual event and they can join us next year. We ask that students do not join us for just the day, as it can upset other students when they leave.

Any questions can be directed to Noeleen or Jodi

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  1. Isabel Hetram

    Are there permission forms that need to be filled out before the Crieff Hills camping trip?


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