Toddler Community Update: Sept. 21, 2015

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Our second week together saw us move from tears and toileting accidents to morning hallway hugs and joy-filled circle time dance parties. We had a great time. The children are all settling in wonderfully.

What we weren’t banking on, for our second week, was an outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Many of the children have had it and are now on the road to recovery. I’m hopeful this past weekend helped clear all the germs away. Even with HFMD making the rounds we managed to have a really good week together.

Highlights of the week included:

  • Watching several of the children set their place for snack and lunch completely independently: placemat, dishes, glass, cutlery, nametag and cloth napkin and clean up after they were finished — including washing their dishes.
  • Going on a “hike” around the big playground and helping all the children jump off the stumps in the middle.
  • Witnessing several children new to toileting verbalize when they needed to go and making it to the toilet without an accident.
  • Observing one child giving another child, who was crying, a hug, kiss, and tissue.

Notes and Reminders:

We are looking forward to meeting with you all this coming week for parent/teacher interviews (sign up here if you haven’t already). We have lots to share with you about how your child is settling in. Please remember that there is child-care available in the gym (or outside) for your toddler. Our meeting together is short, with lots to go through, and so it is important for you, and us, to focus on this important work toddler-free.
We celebrated our first toddler birthday this week. As we figure out how to mark these occasions we ask that when it is your child’s birthday that you send a baby picture of your child to school with your child. We will remind you as the date approaches.

Toileting is going very well for all of the children. We did notice, however, a plummet in successes on Monday (after the weekend), leaving us Guides crying into mountains of wet underwear. We encourage you all to keep up the good work that your children are doing at school at home during the weekend — helping your child to wear underwear and getting to the toilet as much as possible. We will discuss this further with you all at your meetings.

Finally, should you have any concerns with what your child is up to in the toddler community or any changes from home please do not hesitate to speak with Kristy or I at pick up time or to send us an email (

All the best,


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