Events and Info: Sept. 28 – Oct. 2 at Dundas Valley Montessori School

Update Sept24 2015

Let them have knives! Preparing snack in Lower North.

A lot of you saw this post on our Facebook page recently discussing children’s use of knives. The back-to-school jitters have subsided, and now that we have officially moved into fall your Montessori kids are beginning to thrive as they embrace new found independence and responsibilities.

We hope you are all much more enlightened and comfortable yourselves after having a chance to sit and chat with your children’s Montessori guides this Thursday and Friday.

Next week is a quiet week event-wise at DVMS, but here’s what’s goin’ on:

  • Lower North has adventure running on Monday.
  • The Uppers are at the RBG on Thursday, Oct. 1Don’t forget to have them remember their DVMS shirts.
  • The Uppers are at RBG on Thursday instead of Friday because there was originally an Elementary cross-country event at LaSalle Park in Burlington scheduled for Friday. That event is now taking place on Wed., Oct. 7. Check the calendar for details.
  • DVMS School Photos will be taken on October 5 and 6. More details to come on when to give them the ole spit and polish.
  • Save the Date: Another schedule change is the DVMS Parent Dinner, which is now scheduled for Saturday, October 24. More info soon.
  • And finally some good news on the fees front: DVMS Snack fees have been reduced this year:
    • Casa and Toddler snack fee for the year is now $100.
    • Upper and Lower Elementary snack fee for the year is now $75. (Elementary students tend to require less snacks throughout the day, and will have fresh fruit and vegetables available in their environments).

Because it’s a light update, we thought you might enjoy some pictures from our Montessori environments.

Update TD Sept25 2015 1

Following the log brick road in the DVMS Montessori Toddler Community.

Update CE Sept25 2015 2

Getting ready to show a new friend how we keep things clean in Casa East.

Update CE Sept25 2015 1

Stef’s smile always shines in Casa East, making all their hard work more enjoyable.

Update CN Sept25 2015 3

Montessori Puzzle Maps are an introduction to geography, pattern and shape recognition, deductive reasoning, and a fun job to do with new friends in Casa North.

Update CN Sept25 2015 2

Lots of concentration required for all the steps involved in Montessori Casa Polishing jobs.

Update LEN Sept25 2015 3

The focus on each individual child in Montessori means that our guides prepare questions for each child to suit their present level of development.

Update CS Sept25 2015 1

Some Montessori Metal Insets on a sunny morning in Casa South.

Update CS Sept25 2015 2

A beautiful Casa South moment with a third-year Casa child gathering some new Casa children for a story.

Update CS Sept25 2015 3

It doesn’t take long to make new friends. Squeezing a Sponge with Serena in Casa South.

Update CN Sept25 2015 1

Older Casa North children start expanding their numeracy knowledge with materials like the Hanging Teen Board.

Update LEN Sept25 2015 2

Michael is the new French specialist in Lower Elementary, but as a fully trained Montessori guide he can take time to explain some Stamp Game math.

Update LEN Sept25 2015 1

Learning about antonyms and practising cursive in Lower Elementary North.

Update LES Sept25 2015 3

Getting an introduction to compound words in Lower South.

Update LES Sept25 2015 2

Long Division with the Montessori Racks and Tubes in Lower South.

Update LES Sept25 2015 1

Montessori Pin Maps and math with an ever more pregnant Catherine in Lower Elementary South.

Update UEW Sept24 2015 1

Busy smiles in Upper Elementary West.

Update UEW Sept24 2015 2

The Upper environments have sewing machines now!

Update UEE Sept25 2015 1

A little French work with Janice in Upper Elementary East.

Update UEE Sept25 2015 2

Spaghetti, for more than just eating in a Montessori Upper Elementary environment.

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