DVMS Toddler Community Weekly Update: Oct 3. 2015

We had another great week in the Toddler Community. Everyone is on the mend from HFMD and other than one runny nose everyone seems particularly well at the moment.
Highlights of our week included:
  • Playing in the misty rain and (most) not minding at all.
  • The book “Dear Zoo” read over and over again by our dear Lisa.
  • Making our own harvest lunch on Friday of Minestrone Soup and bread. The children were especially fascinated by kneading the bread dough.
  • “1, 2, fliparoo,”: all children learning to flip their coats over their heads to get them on by themselves. The pride on their faces when they accomplish this is so amazing.
A few important notes:
As the cold weather sets, in please send a new change of clothes for your child’s cubby that is cold weather appropriate. A few extra pairs of socks would be appreciated too. We will send the warm weather clothes back to you this week. Remember to label the new clothes.
As you purchase winter gear for your child, please look for non-fabric mittens with long sleeves on them and hats that are very difficult to remove (balaclavas or hats with velcro are good). Toddlers tend to remove these items when outside and we want to make that as close to impossible as possible.
I am working on getting your videos to you; this is proving more challenging than I anticipated. I should have a solution in some form of file sharing within the week. Bare with me and thanks for your patience. Once I figure this out then future videos will be shared more frequently and easily.

And finally. PICTURE DAY is on MONDAY. Our photos will be taken first in the hopes that we all are clean and tidy. Please dress your child appropriately.
Enjoy these pictures from the past week:

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All the best,

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Kate Millie MEd, AMI
Kristy Adams BA, AMI
Toddler Community Educators
D U N D A S   V A L L E Y   M O N T E S S O R I   S C H O O L

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