September 2015 Update For Upper Elementary West

Dear Parents,

It is amazing how quickly the first month of school has gone by.  By now, all the students are starting to settle in and better understand the routines and expectations of the classroom.  It is nice to see new friendships being formed and older friendships strengthened.

UEW Sept 2015 Update 1

While September is a time of review, we have been fortunate to move along quite quickly with our curriculum.  The year began with the story of the universe and the creation of their own timelines and calendars that depicted and condensed 4.5 billion years into one calendar year. We have studied the coming of humanity, the story of numbers, and the history of the written word.  The students have also been busy with project work and we have already had a few project presentations.

Year fours have been busy reviewing the four operations in abstraction while the year fives have been studying prime factors and the year sixes order of operations.

Our weekly STEAM journals have been a great success.  The students have been challenged each week with a task that requires planning, team work and patience!  They have created written reflections each week describing what worked, what didn’t work, and what they would improve upon next time.

Language has been focused on paragraph writing, parts of speech, and the year sixes have been studying the elements of an essay.  It has been wonderful watching their progress over the past few weeks.

UEW Sept 2015 Update 2

Our adventures at the RBG for the month of September were exciting and we are looking forward to our unit on indoor soccer at Soccerworld in October.  Students must be prepared with comfortable clothing, indoor running shoes, and a water bottle.  We will be taking a bus there but parents are required to pick up their children at soccer world at 3:00pm.  If you are unable to pick up or arrange carpooling with another family, please let us know and we will see if we can help you out.  Unfortunately, Terrence and I have our cars full of staff children.

Our students will be participating in a cross country run with Fairview Glen on Wednesday, October 7.  Please bring a lunch and dress accordingly.  Montessori T-shirts are a must.

We will be attending Anne Of Green Gables at the Duffield theatre in Cambridge on October 22nd.  The show starts at 10:30 and we will be leaving DVMS at 9:00 sharp.  Students are encouraged to bring a snack for intermission.  We will have lunch upon our return.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  It has been a pleasure meeting my new students and reconnecting with my old ones.  I am sure it is going to be a wonderful year.

Kathleen MacKinnon, Anna Lugowski

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