Toddler Community Update: Nov. 2, 2015

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Happy day after Halloween. I hope you all had a great day yesterday and you have managed to secret away any remaining candy before your children ask for it for breakfast tomorrow. We had a few cute pictures emailed in of toddlers in costume. Thanks for sharing.
Last week we experienced our first indoor recess and had a field trip to the gym. Walking in a line down the hall was challenging for all of us and everyone worked hard to walk slowly and quietly. Once we arrived in the gym we pulled out the gymnastic mats and had a great time climbing and exploring our gross motor capabilities.
Our community has settled into a great flow of routine these last few weeks. It is amazing to observe so many of our members as their concentration, independence and focus grows. The toddlers love their Montessori work and we have enjoyed witnessing the calm and joy that has blossomed in our classroom.
I have uploaded several videos of our activities in the playground this week. Take a look.
All the best,
Kate, Kristy, and Lisa

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