November in Upper East

Dear Upper East Families,
The first term is moving right along and we are taking advantage of the good weather and opportunities that arise.  Today, for example, we made a quick hike down to Govenor’s Road and Ogilvie to watch the running of the salmon.  Next Wednesday, we will attend the Remembrance Day service at the cenotaph in Dundas.

Update Nov5 2015 UE 2

Novel Study presentation prep work in Upper East.

November is an exciting month because we have received our novel study books and have begun reading and studying the novels.  The reading schedules have been recorded in the agendas and it is important for each student to keep up with the group reading so that they can fully participate in the duscussions and activities that happen when we meet.

Our activity for November is Dance and it will be held here at DVMS.  Be sure your child has a water bottle and comfy clothes to move in.  Check the online calendar for dates and times.

Update Nov5 2015 UE 3

Studying steam power with balloons on a zip line in Upper Elementary.

Steam journal continues to have momentum in the Upper Elementary classrooms and your children can share stories about their creations and experiments.  This week they built zipline vehicles and next week we will carry out experiments with ice balloons (think frozen water balloons).

Remember tomorrow is a PD day.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards,

Terrence & Janice

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