Simple Nudges to a Great Montessori Classroom: Nudge #1

All Roads Lead to Rome

Connecting to Each Child

My brother is the world’s expert on healthy nudges. Like leaving pre-cut celery and carrots in the fridge instead of a bag of potato chips on the counter. Grocery stores do it when they put chewing gum at the checkout.

Solutions only work if they are easily understood and easily manageable. So I am offering a series of nudges to help Montessori teachers improve their environments.

There are always those children in the class that you struggle with. “Judy Johnson is so mean to the other girls.” Or “Jimmy Johnson thinks he is better than everyone else.” It is one of the truly profound challenges of being a great teacher to connect to these children.

But what if it were your child? You would want that teacher to care.

Often those kids need that connection the most. We know that children with learning challenges do better when…

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