Toddler Community Update: Nov. 23, 2015

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This week we have seen several different illnesses come and go through the class. Colds, gastro-intestinal bugs, and pink eye have all paid the Todller Community visits. I’m currently recovering from the G-I bug, and it was awful.

Our class carried on and we welcomed observers from Phoenix Montessori School in Toronto and got to work on some exciting, yet secret, holiday activities.

Two notes:

  • As the weather becomes colder please remember to send your child with warm outdoor clothes. We go outside from 10:30 – 11:30 and it is still relatively fresh outside. We can always remove hats and mitts should it be too warm.
  • Since being inundated with all the viruses this week, we have been especially focused on hand washing. Please encourage healthy hand washing habits at home as well. We always wash our hands with soap and scrub all the various parts of our hands (palms, tops, in between fingers). We’ve noticed that many children rinse the soap away without rubbing it around and are helping them learn that the soap takes the germs away. We always wash our hands after using the toilet, blowing our nose, before we eat, and after we come in from outside.

All the best this week.

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